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This is an online game that has drawn many people crazy due to its adventurous and full of enjoyment nature. This epic combating strategy game involves participants who construct & extend the village, train personal troops and also play & fight online with other players. You can play this game on mobile so it will be in your pocket and you can start it anytime you want.


This online game is multiplayer task in which game players build their community, get their troops ready and the attack other game players for earning gold and elixir to be used as a defense against attack of other players. There is also a single but pseudo player campaign in this game in which players are required to must attack progressively series of heavily fortified villages of goblins. Now let`s talk about the troops in this game.
Troops of this clash of clans game are in tiers 1, 2, 3, heroes and dark-elixir ones.
Tier one troops include Goblins, Archers and Barbarians
Tier 2 includes wall breakers, balloons, wizards and giants
Tier 3 is the group of healers, PEKKAs and dragons
Heroes are the archer queen and barbarian king. These are both immortal and are trained just once. These heroes are summoned by altar
Dark elixir includes minions, witches, golems, Valkyries and hog riders


In order to earn & store the gold and elixir, game players need to build the gold mines for gold storage. They are also required to build the elixir collectors and places for their storage. Use of elixir is for the purpose of training newly added troops. It is also used for research for upgrading of troops and also for building construction. Gold is needed for building buildings that are defensive and also for upgrade of town hall. This allows accessibility to further buildings and further higher levels of the existing buildings. Many buildings are available for players for defending their community. These include wizard towers, archer towers, bombs, mortars and cannons. Walls can also be built by players which will then be upgraded when levels increase.
When clans face off each other, this is the main component of this game. Leaders and co-leaders of clans start war against others. Each of these clans is given a day for preparation and the other day is of war. After players attack opposing team`s clans, they will get stars on the basis of extent of destruction caused by them to the opposing community. For each war, one players get the chance of attach for 2 times. Team which gets most stars at the war`s end time is the victorious team. Players of the winning team get bonus war-loot.

Apart from elixir and gold, game of clash of clans also makes use of gems as currency. These gems are also awarded when certain milestones are reached and after certain achievements. Main way for acquiring these gems is purchasing with real money. You can use gems for speedy processes of the game including speedy construction time, speedy troop training, speedy research etc. These gems can also be used for getting more elixir and gold.
In a nut shell clash of clans opens the new doors of excitement for its players and is a worth trying game.






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