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It is not only the appearance of Monument Valley, which gives the game in terms of the heritage of the developer in the design of the player interface. There is still an important indicator: everything is so satisfying.

Whether you’re talking about the graceful rotation of the game as its levels slowly break the new ground or shoot the surprise when a level architecture is present, almost all elements of the Monument Valley are designed to satisfy.

And it is necessary because in the original game as well as in the eight extra Stefen, the studio comes out of the bag – if you sit and see a blank screen on the (open pretty) screen, ask why a puzzler, which seems so direct, can reverse it so long.

If you have not yet seen the Monument Valley, which has won almost all prizes and award since its launch in spring, it is a game to create tracks. The levels are similar to the paintings by the graphic artist M.C. Escher, with the 2D texture of the screen, which allows the developer to make impossible connections in his 3D world. Physics is a game in the world of Monument Valley, and its job is to think a little out of the box, so your steps lean on your rules.

Although the levels become more and more complex, with needles at the top of the towers that hold the sky and stairs that define the gravity, do not lead to anything, their interactions are minimized: you can lead your sprite – the all white Princess Ida – everywhere on the stage by tapping on it, you can change the displayed blocks from left to right or up and down with your finger, or you can rotate or even rotate the whole platform by turning the pins.

Any interaction you make is designed to open a new section of the labyrinth, with mini-lenses – usually keys or doors – that serve as checkpoints on your way to the exit of each step. Of course, the creativity of the Monument Valley is not how you interact with what is deliberately simplified, but the design of the steps and their response to your inputs. It is almost always possible to work where one should lead and in what order, but in fact, there is another way.

And that is what Vale Monument Valley is worth. In the hands of another developer, puzzles could be so inventive: without disgrace, you are happy to point to the kind of puzzle that blocks many players have developed – on several levels of the new expansion pack, it does not matter to Ida, somewhere to go what you want, but also the patrol crows that keep you from pushing the buttons you can not reach.

However, where you exaggerate your delivery. In Monument Valley, you have created the world where you want to live, play in the opening menus in the final stages of the game. The App Store and the Google Play Store can be packed with some of the brightest and best developers, but some titles on your screen will load up your mobile device as contemporary as contemporary as Monument Valley.

In Monument Valley, you will manipulate the impossible architecture and lead a silent princess in an incredibly beautiful world.

Pass the Princess in Silence Walk through mysterious monuments, discover hidden paths, insert optical illusions, and overcome the enigmatic Crow people.

Forgotten Banks: eight new adventure and illusion chapters, which are now available as a separate purchase.


– IMPRESSIVE GRAPHIC: Palaces and optical illusions and temples all over the Globe, all of the monument is a unique and clever world to see.
-HANDY TO USE: Rotate and drag to redesign the world and help Ida to explore. Designed to be easy for everyone to enjoy, enjoy and complete.
-Audio: Music responds to its manipulation. Best experience if using headphones.
-Online SAVE: Synchronize your game progress on all your devices.

what we like

-Perfect balance of a game that is easy to control but hard to master
-Great Visuals on another planet
-Ingenious and inventive design and satisfactory delivery
-Brilliantly extended by additional levels of the forgotten shores

what we do not really like
-very Little replayability
-I want more and more levels

1,000,000 – 5,000,000

Requires Android
2.3.3 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+

ustwo games

Monument Valley is $3.40 on Google play store, with Offers in-app purchases


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