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The official game of Street League Skateboarding for mobile phone.

The latest simulation of Skateboarding.

Once upon a time when every lunch table in each school was an improvised skating park. Fingerboards was a way to spend the time that you could not really practice your kickflips. I kicked, but with my fingers, I could grind like a champion. It reaches out that stuff did not chang much. The developer True Axis names its latest title True Skate entitled “the most authentic skateboarding game on iOS or any other platform”. I am inclined to accept.

The game is a realistic skateboard simulation. Use a punch out or out, forward or backward to start. A thunderbolt on the board will send you into the air, while the left and right punches in the middle or tail of the board determine whether to kickflip or pop-shove. The combination of tricks and routines throws points that match some achievements of the game. There are missions to perform certain tricks or “follow the guide” with a path or a series of tricks. But after these basic tasks, you can begin to resist.

The physics and tricks of True Skate seem slightly lower than other skating games. They are solid and authentic. However, missions can be incredibly frustrating. It is really difficult to maintain a direct path that reflects every path described. The tricks are funny when you go. But if you need a certain trick to land in front of you, you will remember that the real skateboard is quite difficult. Jump swings do not fit sometimes and cause headaches when it comes to tricks.

It would not be so serious if there were not so many other restrictions. There is only one skating park. There is no map adjustment. And beyond the points system, there is not much honest, which makes it a game. It’s really a sim open world skating. And although it is good, it does not inspire much repetition.

– Touch realistic physics based on the authentic experience of skateboarding.
– Apply the cover. Destroy your deck.
– Slide your finger on the ground to press.
– A beautiful skate park to run, including the edges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe, and tubes of the room. (Additional skate parks are available on request)
– Slow camera.
– user challenges
– Watch the player
– World edge

1,000,000 – 5,000,000

Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 3+

True Axis

True Skate is $2 on Google play store, with Offers in-app purchases

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